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Case Studies

Emily is a diabetic patient. She is 4'11 and was overweight (144 lbs) when she started our program. Her blood fasting glucose was in the range of 130-140 in good days and over 200 in bad days. She uses insulin and oral medications to control her diabetes. She started our HCG program. Within a week, her fasting glucose went down to ~110. Two weeks latter, her fasting glucose went below 100 and now it stays in between 80-90. She feels mre energetic than before, sleeps better and has lost 10% of her initial body weight.

Joey had high blood pressure and weighed ~250 lbs when he started. His blood pressure was 150/110 initially. We first brought his blood pressure down to a bit to around 140/100 level with Diovan and Maxzide, then we started him on the weight loss program. He lost ~40 lbs. His blood pressure is within normal range now and he is no longer taking Diovan which he used to take for his blood pressure.