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hCG Modified Fasting Diet

hCG weight loss therapy is essentially a medically supervised fasting program intended to help patients to achieve maximal weight loss from abnormally stored fat (e.g., abdominal fat). This plan is different from any other weight loss plan in that the hCG plan seems to lose mostly the abnormally stored fat, whereas all others plans make you lost water, normal fat and also your muscle mass. The first phase of hCGFasting Plan should be a minimum of 2 months, to prevent weight regain. hCG can be taken for long time without any harms. hCG can be taken either by subcutaneous injection or orally (sublingual), although we don't recommend sublingual. There is oral hCG on the market, however, is ~3 times more expensive than our injection form. Besides injection is pain free (it sounds worse than it really is). There are no significant side effects either short or long term, reported in the literature or observed in our clinics. The common effects that patients on hCG report include increased energy, better well-being feeling, more appetite suppression, more significant waist line loss than overall weight loss, and improved joint pains (for people with joint pains). The overall cost of hCG + protein supplements is about the same as your monthly food budget (~$250) which you would save. You can expect to lose 20-30 lbs easily. Research shows 85% of hCG weight loss patients do not regain the weight one year later. This plan is actually not hard to follow. Mostly likely, you won't feel hungry or sick (if you do, you need to let us know and we'll adjust your medications). We are doing everything we can to make it easy for you to lose weight. You need to do your portion to help yourself. If you can't follow this simple and easy plan, we advise that you should wait until you are ready.

DrWLC’s Weight Loss Principles

hCG appears to be able to help people lose the unwanted fat, esp. the belly fat. The mechanism is unknown. Based on my clinical observation after treating thousands of patients, I developed the following hypothesis.

  • hCG's main function is to protect the fetus. The most important factor is fetal development is energy supply (food). Throughout human history, mankind suffers from food shortage. To prevent fetal developmental defects, hCG releases mother's stored energy for the fetus to use. Therefore, under the influence of hCG, there should be abundant nutrients flowing in mother's blood including glucose, lipids etc. So when a non-pregnant person is given hCG, hCG also releases this stored energy to the blood. The dieter has to be on a very low calorie diet to allow the body to burn off the releases calories. This is what I believe the fundamental mechanism of how hCG helps the weight loss. One important fact about hCG is that it has nearly no side effects. During a normal pregnancy, a woman has about 10000 times more hCG in her body every day than the amount we use for weight loss. What long term side effects have seen from pregnancy? Morning sickness is not due to hCG.
  • Difference between normal fat and abnormal fat (belly fat). The next question is why hCG helps to lose the belly fat, not the normal fat? A related question is why people on diet (without hCG) loses the normal under the skin fat, not the belly fat?

Our body has 2 types of storage fat: normal storage fat (mostly under the skin) and abnormal storage fat (belly fat).

  • Subcutaneous normal storage fat is what our body uses to store extra energy and is heavily regulated by the hormones to maintain a normal calorie level. After a meal, the blood caloric level goes up, hormones are mobilized to push the extra calories into the storage. As a result, our blood sugar and fats levels stay within a normal and narrow range. Between meals, our body burns calories, our hormones will then gradually release the calories from storage into the blood to sustain our bodily energy needs. As a result, our blood sugar (and fats) level doesn't drop below certain level. So our hormones maintain our blood energy supply to support our daily activities. When one goes on a diet, the calorie intake drops significantly, this triggers the hormones to release calories from normal storage (subcutaneous fat), not the abnormal belly (see below).
  • Abnormal fat. This is usually found in the belly area, but also includes areas between muscles and other body areas. This fat is not part of our normal energy system, and therefore the hormones that control our energy system have no control over this type of fat. In other words, when someone goes on a diet, our body's normal energy system will react and release the normal under the skin fat to support our energy needs. Our body will not release the abnormal belly fat.

In summary, this is how our weight loss system works:

hCG releases abnormally stored energy (fat and sugar) into the blood circulation. The patient will be placed on a 50 gram protein diet (with 500 calories or less). Several ingredients of our system will increase the metabolism. It is estimated that a patient will burn around 3500-4000 calories a day on our system. The 3000-3500 calories/day deficit will come from the abnormal energy storage. This is the foundation of weight loss.

The other ingredients in our system ensures that a patient of the following:

  • No hunger feeling.
  • Has more energy (due to increased metabolism).
  • No side effects and not struggling on the diet.

Common Causes of Obesity :

  • Big appetite
  • Emotional eating (due to depression, stress, boredom, etc)
  • Slow or suboptimal metabolism
  • Lack of sufficient physical activity
  • Lack of sufficient sleep
  • Lack of regular bowel movements
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Others

We use both prescription and natural herbal products to suppress appetite and emotional eating, to reduce food and sweets craving, to enhance metabolism, and to reduce abnormal fat with HCG. We also screen for sleep problems and constipation, factors that contribute to weight gain. With our holistic approach, our patients seem to tolerate the therapy very well and lose on average 2-3 times more weight than on appetite suppression alone. Our patients do notice more relatively significant size reduction. Our patients generally report better well-being feeling, more energy, and better sleep. One other noticeable result is that some patients report their joint pains (of leg, back or wrist joints) either improved or disappeared after they start the HCG therapy. Some patients also report their skin seems to be smoother. No side effects have been reported.

Is HCG effective in weight loss?

The clinical studies of HCG effectiveness in weight loss were controversial. But most of these studies were of small scale and the results may not be statistically significant. But one thing is clear is that what drives the weight loss is the low CALin. HCG alone is insufficient in causing weight loss. But it enables one to be on a 500 kCal/day diet. More importantly, the clinical experience of many clinics as well as our own clinic shows that this method works: it produces significant weight loss without marked side effects or interference with their daily life. Bariatric (weight loss) medicine is quite different from the conventional medicine in that it is a psychosomatic medicine. It requires not only medications, but more importantly it requires patients’ collaboration. The conventional methods of clinical trials or tests, in my opinion, are inadequate in addressing the psychosomatic medicine such as bariatrics. The latter requires extensive counseling, motivation and support. This partially explains the old saying: medicine is “half science, half art”.

Why do we need 500 kCal/day on the Simeons method?

In theory, we can go on a 0 kCal diet. All you need is protein, minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers and other micro-nutrients, and plenty (>/=2 liters) of water. But proteins contain calories as well.

What should a patient watch for during the HCG injection therapy?

Report to us daily for the first week on whether you feel hungry, dizzy, shaky, or sweaty. Make sure you eat no more than 500 kCal/day. You should eat mostly protein, veggies and fruits, plus plenty of water.

Why do we still need appetite suppressants?

HCG alone may not be sufficient to suppress your appetite while you are on a 500 kCal/day diet. The appetite suppressants are added to ensure the suppression of your appetite, esp. in the first week of the therapy.

Can I take HCG and the birth control pills together?

Yes, you can take HCG while on BC pills. The low dose of HCG that we use does not interfere with the BC pill, nor will it cause irregular periods.